Should I love a Girl Older than Me?

Love has no bounds but when you are online you have many things to do online. Maturity does not come with the age; it has its own choice. Many people love to spend their leisure time and spend the journey with each other. When it is internet now you have to be very careful and understand that if the other person loves you or not. If she loves you then you must chat to express love feelings frequently with her. You should love the girl older than you but keep in mind that this kind of love cannot be always true.

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Old aged females have big heart

This statement is true that old females have big heart but it’s not always true that they still love you the way you do. Many people get ditched by the women because older women seem to be ignored by their men that are why they are seeking to have the lover of small ages. It is not always true that the girl is going to ditch you but if you find that she is your true love then you must put Love Whatsapp status for her.

Following is the tips you keep in mind:

  • Say her to meet you in real and involve her family
  • Talk to her parents and everyone and know if she pretends and allow you to talk then she is the best girl you ever had, no matter what is her age
  • Ask her if she is already married if not why she did not marry the man older than her
  • Monitor her if she is not a time pass, ask her if she is not involve somewhere else
  • Ask her about her all online accounts password and if she gives you then must love her
  • Say her to marry you and share feelings with each other
  • You can make her laugh by setting a funny status on WhatsApp
  • Judge her if she loves you or your money, by letting her know that you have no money, she will refused and go away if she is liar
  • Ask her everything and say her to tell you if she is used by someone else, if she is true girl then she will let you know
  • Don’t lover her if she gives excuses and delays in providing all the above advices
  • If you still want to give her time then give her only one month don’t fall in love until she is successful in providing everything to you
  • Many people wants money only so ask her if she is the same fake personality by giving her greedy choices
  • If you find that she loves money than you then don’t trust her and let her go
  • Sometime elder girls are married and their husbands are not giving them attention so they wants new partner but hides this thing from both of the men, which is wrong
  • Investigate everything before doing something because it can ruin decisions and this way you can harm quickly
  • Don’t trust a woman who gives lame excuses!



Are you home alone? Enough taken from TV and music? Get online and start socializing. You can get back with your old buddies and also make new friends by participating in online chat rooms. People, who are bored of trying the same old things to kill time, now are known to other mediums of communication. You can simply log into chat rooms and chat with your friends and loved ones for as long as you want. This is the best way to kill your time in a productive way. Not only your time passes by but also you make new friends.


When you are new to the live chatting websites, there are a few things you should learn. These tips will help you reach to the right people whose interests match with you. When you are in search of live chatting website for free, you will come across a long list of chat rooms in front of you. There are different categories, like;

  • Game chat rooms
  • Book chat rooms
  • Instant messaging chat rooms
  • Professional chat rooms
  • Dating chat rooms

Therefore, you should select the category that matches your interests and needs. For example, if you are interested in gaming, then you should be opting for the game chat room. There you would be able to find out the people of similar interests and subjects.

Apart from this, free live chatting websites provide options like video calling, audio chatting and also text chatting options. One free chatting website may differ from the other with respect to the earlier stated features. You can select the one as per your requirement and interest and get going with the chatting experience.

There are a few do’s and don’ts when you are involved in the experience of live chatting website for free. Before you start chatting, there are a few things you need to know. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Avoid giving personal details

You might be chatting with a person for a long time, but it is never wise to give away your personal information till you haven’t met them. Chat rooms are a source of communication but never give out your details to a group of people. You never know how people can misuse your information. Personal information includes phone number, account number, credit card number and other such details.

  • Do not expect

People join chat rooms for the sake of entertainment. Do not attach yourself to them or the people involved. It is not to discourage you, but do not take chat rooms personally, take them as a way of entertainment and source of time passage.

  • While making a profile in a chat room, you are asked to put in your photo, and so is everyone else. Just that people would like them, users put in their fake photos as their profile pictures that sometimes lead to great misunderstandings. Keep your eyes open and do not make a fool out of yourself.
  • Find the website that has a large number of users. They are safer as compared to the smaller live chatting websites.

Use of WhatsApp for Changing Mood

Use of WhatsApp for Changing Mood

WhatsApp apart from its core function of providing proficiency to make contact with the other WhatsApp user via internet using Smartphone is now could also be used to alter moods. This can be achieved by keeping in touch with people you adore, because by chatting with them your mood will definitely change in a good way. Since communicating your thoughts with people who you like the most, this can be anyone from your friends circle or from families that will cheer you up with their kind words.

Also, the kind of instant chatting, free voice calls, files sharing and the most popular newer one setting WhatsApp status messages on to your profile also helps in changing your mood. There are countless websites exists online, which provide all different kinds of WhatsApp videos, images and even unique WhatsApp statuses as well.

So, make use of the impressive WhatsApp status messages of various types hosted on several dedicated sites. By placing amazingly crafted WhatsApp statuses you can alter your own mood and even of the other contacts – who will read it while visiting your profile. Also other features of like sharing funny video clips could also be made used for changing your own mood by viewing them you received from any other WhatsApp contact. Furthermore, not only video, but other supported content involving images, audio files, instant voice messages and emojis – can also be utilized for changing your mood or by someone from your contact list.

It’s also the most instant form of making an effort of altering the mood spoiled because of any reason via WhatsApp. For the reason, WhatsApp encompasses the most easy to utilize however fascinating UI allowing users to get full respite out of it at the time of chatting with anyone. Also, the file sharing is so easy by nowadays proficient Smartphone’s that anyone can do it easily.

Therefore, through sending and receiving the amusing supported content on WhatsApp you can change your mood accordingly. Since, most of the time only funny genre of content is being exchanged over world’s most popular instant chatting and voice calling Smartphone app WhatsApp – it’s bound to make you happy. Thus spread happiness by sharing humorous videos and images to your WhatsApp contacts for making their mood brighten up. It’s also so easy and interesting to do that, it becomes habit if you start sharing unique content with WhatsApp contacts you want – because you in result also receive some amazing content.